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It supports most of the SQL-92 features.

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It contains a browser to render 2D/3D content and allow the creation of scripted applications built on top of the p2p database network and managed by its creators, without intermediary platform. Relatórios solicitados frequentemente. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. CovenantSQL(CQL) is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant relational database built on SQLite: ServerLess: Free, High Availabile, Auto Sync Database Service for  CovenantSQL has 48 repositories available.

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CovenantSQL - CovenantSQL is a SQL database on blockchain. github_flavored_markdown - GitHub Flavored Markdown renderer (using blackfriday) Download Source Code. $ git clone ^ "CovenantSQL - A decentralized, trusted, high performance, SQL database with blockchain features". GitHub. 6 September 2019.

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git clone cd CovenantSQL 后续的所有命令,工作目录默认都是在 clone 的 CovenantSQL 源码目录中,可以执行. export COVENANTSQL_ROOT= $PWD. 存为环境变量. 启动 Docker 容器.

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Search, navigate, and review code. Find answers. GitHub Actions is an API for cause and effect on GitHub: orchestrate any workflow  Since we introduced GitHub Actions last year, the response has been phenomenal, and CovenantSQL: A decentralized, trusted, SQL database with blockchain features ( How to use the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2017?

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SQL: 覆盖近全部 SQL-92 标准. 去中心化: 由我们的公式算法 DH-RPC & Kayak 来实现去中心化. 隐私性: 具备下发权限与加密管理. 不可篡改性: SQL 查找历史是不可篡改且可追溯的 Package sqlchain provides a blockchain implementation for database state tracking. const ( // MaxPendingTxsPerAccount defines the limit of pending transactions of one account.

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CovenantSQL 是个去中心化,不可篡改,结合共享经济的数据库。 以及sqlite的 加密功能 0 赞 0 踩 回复 投诉. 4 Mar 2021 Source Code Changelog 7.9 0.0 pgweb VS CovenantSQL.