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10. Hacer CENTRO MULTIMEDIA con RASPBERRY PI 3| KODI | PASO A que la manera más fácil para vosotros es hacerlo a través del protocolo SMB. compañero Claudio, quien desea aprender a configurar una red Linux sin usar Samba.

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- Choisir: Modifier les paramètres de partage avancés, puis, tous les réseaux et enfin « Choisir les options de diffusion de contenu multimedia ».

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SMB or Server Messaging Block is a network protocol that’s used to access files over a network. You can use SMB on practically  If you’re looking to communicate with an SMB server, you’re going to first have to enable it on Windows 10. It isn’t hard to enable but it Kodi is one of the best ways to stream your media library to your TV. Here are the best Kodi devices to get you started. Kodi is in the Microsoft Store, so if you have ever installed the app on your computer, you will see it pop up in the recommended section. 10 – After a restart you can open the Open Wizard Kodi Addon again and navigate to the same menu.


On your Kodi client machine, simply connect to the Windows 10 machine by using the name-only address format rather than the IP address format. On the server you would have entries in /etc/exports like. Never had an issue with userids having access across NFS, except root (which is desirable). Just keep the uids and gids matched, which is easy for end users, but harder for daemon accounts. Hi, am trying to access root in corelec ( latest version) running on a me cool bb2 box , I want access bot adding and user data folders.

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Los 10 mejores discos NAS para usuarios domésticos y empresas: Synology, Qnap, ¿Qué NAS de QNAP esta recomendada para usar con PLEX o KODI? No dispone de FTP, SMB y demás protocolos que esperamos ver en un NAS (el no se puede hacer una «combinación ideal», donde uno gana en RAM creo que  Si, el protocolo es smb, que es el usa windows, desde MAC me suena las que usa kodi para las librerías que puede ser la que te de la gana. Samba es una solución ideal para compartir archivos entre diferentes gana el apoyo = sí. > 9.

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